Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take A Risk

After a long break from comedy in general I got the opportunity to direct a new mission for the DC Defenestrators. A brainstorming meeting a while back produced what we all knew would be a great idea for our group to do.

Basically what happened is somebody mentioned life-sized board games and started thinking how we could pull them off. We then went over what we had access to in DC regarding monuments and statues and such that we could use. Someone recalled Navy Memorial which looks like this:
and the idea instantly became crystal clear... We would play a giant game of Risk!

The object of the mission would be to conquer the world. Not only were agents attacking countries, but also recruiting people from outside the event with the same color shirt to come attack or defend for their team's honor.

The Generals who commanded the troops and determined who attacked where.

Our Medics who aided in carrying any wounded soldiers off of the map and back to safety.

The giant dice we used to attack and defend countries in the game.

The crowd then started to gather and we went over the rules. The generals would say what to attack and a member of their team would attack with the red dice. A person from the defending country would grab the white defense dice. The first roll if there was a tie, there would be a re-roll, but a tie on the second roll went to the defender. The most important aspect of the game though was to get other people wearing the same color shirt to join in and attack or defend for you.

We all spread out on the board and it was time to play a game of risk!

We soon realized how supportive some of the other teams were!

Shortly after the first battle began and the dice started rolling...

and of course we had our first causality which the medic was quick to respond to.

Our medic carried an injured soldier off the field who was repeating "I've got to find Bubba, I've got to find Bubba"

That made me chuckle pretty hard.

More casualties of war.

After a while the dice really started flying...

REALLY flying!

Of course the most important aspect of the game became recruiting people from outside the game to fight. This is a red team recruit who was around for quite a time.

This girl was a blue recruit who stayed and played for quite a while.

I was actually the person to recruit the guy here in blue. I said "sir, I see you are wearing our country's colors, will you not help defend her? We need your help immediately!"

He was more than willing, but unfortunately he did not survive this battle.

Green also gained a few recruits. This is their general giving orders to attack red.

It was actually a red recruit that beat out the green general in this battle.

You can see it was her poor defense that led to her eventual downfall.

This recruit was fighting for red but something seemed strange...

We thought she may be a double agent!

One of the recruits from blue who was really getting into the game.

Our team was even recruiting them at a young age too!

The lady in the middle was just eliminated by the red general in this picture. I really think she was disappointed she didn't get to play longer than she did.

a recruit for red faces off against an agent for green.

After a hard fought battle it came down to this very battle between green and blue. After the dust cleared, these were the results...

Third place goes to the noble and supportive red team!

Second place goes to the strong and relentless green team.

I had to snap an extra picture of their general's "angry face"

And first place goes to the merciless and victorious blue team!

We gathered up for one final picture and dispersed for an afterparty in Chinatown. All in all it was a great day. Not only was the mission much more effective than I thought it would be, but it seemed like everyone wanted a chance to roll the giant dice and play the game.


Anonymous said...

too time play the new version - Risk 2210. Total genius, nicely done!

Mr. Roboto

Will said...

Awesome. I love that success depended on recruiting passers-by.

Econo-Girl said...

Absolutely wild!

Katya said...

This mission was so much fun! I really wanted our army to recruit the woman in the red shorts (but green shirt!) after she died for Red, but, sadly, she had to go back to "real" life.

That last showdown between the only two players left standing was EPIC. Their dice actually collided in midair!

-Green General, Agent Molski

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* So very, very sad for missing it. Maybe I should have just skipped the wedding.

- DC Agent Oscar